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It has been my pleasure over the years to know and work with Joseph and Lena Reagan. Their treatment has been pivotal to the resolution of several personal connective tissue and musculoskeletal problems including frozen shoulders and the aftermath of a bicycle accident. I have referred family and patients to Joseph and feel his work is of the highest caliber. He and Lena are honest, dedicated professionals who will give you straight talk about your issues and work with you to achieve the best outcome possible for your condition. They do not promise "pie in the sky" quick fixes for chronic problems. Instead, their focus is on helping you develop and maintain good health and exercise habits for life, just as it should be!
Janet L Titus, MD

What I really have liked about my experience with Wellspring P.T. is that Joseph really listens to what I have to say. He really tries to understand your specific problem. In my case it is my back - Joseph has worked with me to really try and understand and treat MY back. He is willing to 'think outside the box' and tailors my treatment to my specific problem. While other larger PT clinics just see 'lower back problems' - here is a sheet of exercises that I gave the last guy, here ya go. Joseph understands that everyone is different, and every injury is different. I have been seeing him for about 6 months now, and my back has continued to improve.
J.Strain, P.E.

When I began having unrelenting pain in my neck, shoulder and arm, my husband highly recommended Joseph because he had successfully treated my husband's shoulder injury. Now that I have successfully completed physical therapy, I would also highly recommend Joseph for anyone in need of physical therapy. We found Joseph to be very knowledgeable about the workings of the joints and muscles and their needed treatment. Not only do you get excellent treatment while in his office but he also shows you easy ways to help yourself at home. Equally important, Joseph is a good listener - a must when in pain of any kind. If we could rate Joseph and his work higher than five stars we would do so willingly. Very satisfied former patients.
Sandra and Charlie Wallace

Joseph Reagan is a phenomenal healer! He relieved my disabling pain quickly and supported my long-term healing by helping me identify, acknowledge and address the underlying causes of my pain. Joseph is a perceptive listener, an insightful speaker and a knowledgeable therapist. He has been an invaluable partner in my journey to be pain free and joyous!
Sarah McKenzie, Ph.D.

The Wellspring experience offers a holistic approach to Physical Therapy. Joseph Reagan is an experienced and caring practitioner with exceptional assessment skills. He has the ability to effectively demonstrate how you are in your body and present what change looks like. During your sessions you can expect to receive individual hands-on treatment and a practitioner that can talk with you without getting lost in jargon. If you are seeking true change, I encourage you to experience the gentle, focused care that Wellspring provides.
Denise Wax.

In three visits spaced over a few weeks, I got relief from chronic shoulder pain and full range of motion returned. Joseph also taught me ways to change my workout routine so I could prevent re-injury as well as ways to relieve muscle "spot pains" from occasional overuse (when I forget that I'm 74 and try to work out like I'm 54). The combination of treatment and education has produced sustainable relief for which I am very grateful. Also my weekly Rosen Method Movements classes with Lena Reagan, CMT have become my primary source of flexibility and way to reduction muscle tension.
David L. Williams, Ph.D.

Joseph Reagan is a healer in the finest sense of the word. You don't have to tell him; he'll tell YOU where it hurts - and he'll be right. Then he'll fix it and/or help you fix it. He is, simply, the best.
Jamey Hall

Joseph not only helped me not only recognize where the pain was coming from but how to prevent it from coming back. He also helped me change my frame of mind to help eliminate the stress-related tension. We need more Josephs in the medical industry.
Jason Stewart

Joseph is a healer. My back, my leg, my knee...no more pain at ALL, after just a few visits. forget years and years of meds and PT. (Just go once and you'll see what I mean! :)
Mary Marsh

Providing Joseph Reagan PT, MS with a testimonial of his services as a physical therapist is simple: He gets the job done with less effort and better results than I could imagine. What this means is that I experience more relief and results in less time from Joseph than I do at other physical therapy clinics. At the other clinics I am treated by different therapists who provide fifteen minutes of supervised therapy for every hour appointment. The treatment seems cursory, rote, repetitious and at the end of the treatment I don't get the results I want or expect. Accepting the results of this therapy would have left me with limited range motion in my right arm. This was a condition that would limit my lifestyle and I would not accept living under these physical limitations. At the recommendation of a trusted source, I sought treatment from Joseph. During a short series of sessions, Joseph provided me with valuable treatment and instruction. As a result, I am more sensitized to the symptoms and causes of physical discomfort. I enjoy a very active and physical lifestyle and want to depend on my joints and muscles to take me comfortably into my retirement. Joseph has demonstrated the insight and experience necessary to accurately diagnosis not only the problem, but the cause of the problem and ways to cure and prevent the problem. With complete confidence I can recommend Joseph Reagan as a caring and talented physical therapist who can truly provide a reliable and enduring cure.
Tod Yeslow, JD